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10 Essential Tips for Managing Your Personal Brand Photo Shoot

July 15, 2023
Personal Brand Photography

Every business professional should invest in professional corporate photography for their brand. It can be affordable, quick, and straightforward if you implement these 10 tips for organizing your first professional photoshoot.

If there is one aspect that every business professional should invest in, it’s a photoshoot.

If well managed, a single session can provide you with ample photography for months or even years of social media and website posts. It will enhance your professional image and distinguish you from the countless other professionals you’re competing with.

I’ve personally organized around 50 photoshoots for different websites and magazines and I can assert that good, unique photos are priceless. They can provide you with a virtually limitless amount of content for your website and social media marketing, transforming a mundane article into a powerful piece that attracts thousands of views.

Regardless of your thoughts on professional photography, you need it. Overcome any hesitation and step in front of the camera. While your dimly lit, unsteady photos may garner a few likes on Instagram, ultimately, the individuals who will invest in your products and services crave professionalism; and exceptional corporate photography is the starting point.

Better yet, professional photography doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. I’ve conducted photoshoots for my old magazine (My Mad Methods/Onnit Academy) that cost as little as $50. Here are 10 tips to guide your next professional photoshoot.

1 – Source & Save Example Pictures

No need to pioneer new concepts with your first professional photoshoot; merely conducting the photoshoot will already elevate you above many business professionals! This step is straightforward and enjoyable, simply browse online for your favorite brands and save them into a folder.

Check out renowned corporate brands like Apple, Google, Microsoft, or consider other industries for fresh ideas. Pay attention not only to the pose but also the lighting, ambiance, and other design elements in your example pictures. When you’re ready, select two or three favorites and be prepared to articulate why you like them to your photographer.

BONUS: If you’re really serious, use Pinterest to create a board of all your photos. Photographers LOVE Pinterest and it will vastly simplify the photoshoot and preparation process.

2 – Compile a List of All Shots Needed

Avoid approaching a professional photoshoot with a “let’s see what happens” mentality; that’s a recipe for wasted time. Draft a list of every shot you want to capture. If you’re using this for your website, consider the specific page that requires the photos. Consider present and future articles that may need images.

Do you need team photos, action & interaction photos, behind the scenes photos, or location photos? Write everything down or you may overlook critical shots. Professional photoshoots can be chaotic; keep the list with you and check off the shots as they are taken.

3 – Bring Multiple Outfit Changes

To maximize your professional photoshoot, bring a variety of outfits, making it appear as though you conducted several photoshoots.

Despite the appeal of your pictures, if you’re wearing the same clothes in each shot, your webpages and social media posts will begin to blend, and people will stop noticing them. A simple outfit change can create an entirely new set of photos.

4 – Identify a Suitable Photoshoot Location

While location choice often depends on the pictures’ purpose and what you’re communicating about your brand, let’s assume that you just need a set of professional photos to get started.

For maximum utility, choose a location that allows for diverse backgrounds. Similar to bringing different outfits, a good location can give the impression of multiple photoshoots.

Consider places like parks, downtown areas, modern offices, or interesting buildings. Using a studio can provide different backdrops, but it may be more costly.

5 – Be Adaptable During Your Professional Photoshoot

While you need to capture the shots on your list, try to be flexible and open to spontaneous photo opportunities. Be ready to adjust if necessary.

Some of the best photos come from seizing an unexpected shot opportunity. Sometimes the lighting is perfect or the timing just right, so be prepared and willing to adapt.

6 – Select the Right Photographer

In most metropolitan areas, there are numerous photographers. Find them by posting on social media, placing an ad on Craigslist, or asking friends for referrals. A convenient platform is Thumbtack (, allowing you to post a job and your budget for free. Ask the photographers questions and select the one you want.

7 – Always Get Demonstration Pictures & Hero Shots

If you plan on using your professional photoshoot pictures for tutorials or instructional articles, you’ll need demonstration pictures. For these shots, your entire body needs to be in the frame.

Hero shots, on the other hand, should feature dramatic angles and close-ups. They’re useful for your feature picture on articles, online banners, website home pages, and social media posts. Strive to get a variety of both types if possible.

8 – Supervise Your Photographer Closely

While you should trust your photographer’s abilities, don’t assume they’ll capture the shots you need without some guidance. Show your example photos to the photographer to give them a clearer idea of how they should light the shot and adjust the angles.

9 – Obtain the Raw Files

You might not be able to list all the ways you’ll use your photos from your professional photoshoot. Therefore, always get the raw, unedited pictures for potential future use.

You can always edit them yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Ensure the photographer knows you want the raw files before hiring them.

10 – Bring a Colleague

If you have a work partner or colleague, invite them to assist with your professional photoshoot. They can help adjust your pose, fix your hair, etc. They may also assist the photographer in moving their equipment to different locations or managing lighting.

That’s it! Conduct a professional photoshoot and make your offerings significantly more appealing.

If You HAVE TO Use Stock Photography
If you’re still hesitant about conducting your own professional photoshoot, you can find stock pictures online (I always recommend Check back soon for an article about how to select the right stock photos.

Execute Your Game Plan

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